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Love Underdogs strive to give the best care possible for our dogs awaiting homes. They have often had a very difficult life and for one reason or another haven't been adopted yet. Some of them require rehabilitation, emotional or physical or both and some of them just haven't had the interest they deserve. We aim to rehome every single one of our dogs, as ultimately there is no place like home, but whilst they wait for that special family to come forward for them, they need our help and care. You can become a dog sponsor today for as little as £1 a week.

Your sponsorship will make an enormous difference and you will be able to follow their adventures through our updates.

Your Sponsorship pack will include:

• A photo of your sponsored dog.
• A Certificate of Sponsorship.
• A Love Underdogs charity wristband.

You will also receive an update of your dog 3 times a year.

When your dog has found his/her happy ever after home, we will send you the details of our new sponsor dogs.

Note: we will only notify you of of your dog's rehoming a month after his arrival in a new home. Sometimes dogs do not settle in new homes for all sorts of reasons and we want to ensure that the adoption looks successful before notifying the sponsors.


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Flynn was rescued in Brasov Romania, from the public pound as a puppy. He is a super dog who sadly has not had any luck being adopted so far. He is a complex character who does pick and choose his friends, but we are hopeful that Flynn will find his forever home at some point. Flynn resides in our sanctuary/shelter in Germany and shares a house with his friends Scruff and Lucy. They have their very own large garden and go on walks in the surrounding country side daily. Whilst he remains at the shelter, we welcome your support towards his care, so that Flynn can stay with us until such a time as a loving family is able to offer him a forever home. Thank you for sponsoring Flynn, your support will go towards his care. To read about our German facilities, please visit:

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