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Only families have who been homechecked AND who have an appointment with the kennel team within the following 2 weeks to view a dog will have priority viewing on their first choice. 


My name is:


Location: Waltham Abbey, Essex
Note: This boy needs to be visited a number of times before an adoption as he can get anxious with people he doesn't know.
Whistler is a magnificent young dog with both brain and beauty. He is a very elegant, small, long haired shepherd mix.
Whistler was rescued from the streets of Romania at a few months old and is a gem awaiting to be discovered. He has experienced real hardship in his short life, which has shaped his view of the world as a scary place at times. Anyone taking him into their home and heart however, will be the true rescuers, by helping him move forward on his journey and mentoring him through life. With this will come immense satisfaction and joy. Whistler does get worried in unusual situations (his definition of unusual is not always the same as ours) and around new people. A lot of this world frightens him, and he is not a very brave boy. Saying that, we have a wealth of experience with dogs of similar nature and we can confidently say that with patience, love and guidance, Whistler will blossom and there is a magnificent dog waiting to be discovered. The reward of seeing him improve, seeing him happy and knowing that you have directly affected his life in a positive way, will outweigh anything else for those who are looking to do a good thing for a dog who hasn't had much in his short life. When he is in his routine though, and with people he loves and knows, Whistler is a happy, joyful, playful, high energy dog, so we know that all the ingredients for a balanced life are there. Whistler is also an incredibly affectionate dog with his people and will form a very special bond with his new family. He enjoys cuddles and is appreciative of the times he spends just being himself with those he loves.
He is a sensitive soul, as many of our Romanian dogs are. This does give him great depth, which combined with intelligence, means great potential. Again, as many of our Romanian dogs are, he is very well socialised with other dogs. He has an ability to read them and really enjoys their company. A family with an existing confident dog to show him the way would be of great benefit to him.
Finally, activity is high on the agenda for our Whistler, nice long walks and some training are right up his street. An active lifestyle would be great for him.
If you are an active family committed to helping a dog who needs a little more patience and support, if you are experienced and if the thought of making a very real difference means a lot to you, Whistler would be ideal for you as you would be ideal for him.

Reference:LU 928

Age (approx):Under 12 months
Estimated Age:0 year 10 months

Happy with:

Other Dogs in the Home:most
Other Dogs Outside:most

UK Vet Checked:Yes
Micro chipped:Yes


All about me

What am I like?

Clever Cookie
I am very bright and love working things out

I will work for treats and enjoy tucking into my meals

Cuddle Monster
I am very affectionate and love a fuss

Fitness fan
I love my exercise and need an active home

My Skills

Basic training
I have been practicing my basic training skills

Lead manners
I have great lead manners once I get on with my walk

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