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Rufus is a gorgeous boy who came to us as a puppy in 2013 and has just been returned through no fault of his own, due to his family's change of circumstances.
He is a very well mannered gentle dog with a huge amount of personality. He really enjoys being in the company of people, loves leaning on you whenever he has the opportunity and often puts his chin on your knees when you are sat down. He also very much like to spend time on the sofa, we wouldn't have the heart to place him in a home with a no dog on the sofa policy, he just wouldn't get it! Rufus has a very nice temperament, he can however be a little anxious and he is certainly a sensitive soul as many of our Romanian dogs are. This boy has lived with a cat all his life so we think he would be ok making friends again with new feline companions, although we do not think he would share his food with them. With regards to living with other dogs, he is not a fan of over excitable dogs, so a calm natured dog would be important for him if he were to share.
Whilst Rufus is a very loving and affectionate dog, he is not needy in any way. He happily takes himself away and you don't know he is there. He is also not a baby anymore and he has a great deal of maturity about him. Rufus gets particularly overjoyed when he sees his lead and walking will be a very important part of him enjoying life. He needs good walks and an active home. When out on his walks he likes to sniff everything he comes across, he has his nose on the ground and the whole of his mind is in the moment. He is fascinating to watch as he does trot almost like a show horse, lifting his paws high off the ground which gives him a distinctively elegant look.
Rufus travels like a dream, he jumps in the back of the car and you won't hear anything until your destination. He is also housetrained and walks beautifully on the lead. Under examination at the vets, he preferred to make himself as small as possible but he has been very good, even though it can't be his favourite experience.
All in all a beautiful dog, ready to join a new home. We would not place him with children however as Rufus would prefer an all adult home. He can sometimes express his dissatisfaction with things with a little grumble, but it is part of him expressing how he feels, which we see as part of his character. It is also something which very much dissipates as he gets to know his new environment and friends.
Rufus has good recall, and he has been fine with dogs and people walking in the parks. He is not super interested in other dogs, he prefers the attention of his own people above all.
He now needs to be in his forever home going forward and we are looking for a stable and experienced home, where he will be a priority and an essential part of the family. He will give back tenfold in love what he receives from anyone.
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Reference:LU 410

Age (approx):3-7 years
Estimated Age:4 years 3 months

Happy with:

Other Dogs in the Home:most
Other Dogs Outside:most
Children:16+ years old

UK Vet Checked:Yes
Micro chipped:Yes


All about me

What am I like?

Clever Cookie
I am very bright and love working things out

I will work for treats and enjoy tucking into my meals

Cuddle Monster
I am very affectionate and love a fuss

I am good in the car and travel well

My Skills

Basic training
I have been practicing my basic training skills

Lead manners
I have great lead manners once I get on with my walk

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