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Multiple visits required to bond with Paddy and get to know him.
Paddy is a hugely endearing little dog, who sadly found himself coming back to rescue after having spent the first part of his life since a puppy in a home. He is therefore housetrained and walks well on the lead. He also knows basic commands. He originally came to us in 2013 as a puppy and was returned to the rescue following a change in circumstances. Since his arrival back in the rescue, the team has worked very hard showing Paddy that people can be trusted, as he found it difficult initially to make friends with both people and dogs. He has progressed beyond expectations since being in our care and we know that he will continue to do so in a home. It is quite difficult for new people who meet him now to imagine what his former self was like, he has become so much more sociable with people and reads other dogs very well too. For example Paddy is good friends with Danika, who has walking difficulties, which is something that he understands. He therefore treats her very gently, so that she doesn't fall over. It shows how understanding and aware he is of other dogs.
Paddy has just undergone a surgery to repair a cruciate ligament. He will need to recover with us over the next few weeks, but we do welcome applications in the meantime anyhow.
Paddy cannot go on long walks at the moment but when he did, he was walked by a lot of different people, he really enjoys spending time outdoors. He loves running around with canine friends and going on nice walks. He is now in a very good place and a loving and committed home is what he will need once medically signed off, to start his life again. He particularly loves belly rubs, Paddy is a real cuddle monster and we know that as much as he would benefit from a family, he has a lot to offer. Once you are in Paddy's heart, you are in his heart forever.
This little boy will however always need to be kept on lead when out walking, whilst he is perfectly great with most people, he very occasionally takes a dislike to someone, generally men, and when he does take a dislike, he must be kept under control. On the plus side, he is a small dog and we have not found it a problem to manage. Also, once he has been introduced to someone properly, he does make friends quickly and never changes his mind as to what he thinks of them, so he is very predictable in many ways.

Paddy needs a loving, understanding and committed home with a good experience and a vigilant attitude. The family members walking him will need to be able to read him. Also on the list of 'musts' and equally important, is a family willing to give him lots of cuddles and love. He is one of our most affectionate dogs and we really want to find a very loving and motherly environment for him.
Paddy is very easy to love, we have all fallen head over heals for him, he is an absolute diamond but just needs someone who will keep him safe and not force him into uncomfortable situation.
If you are in a position to offer this little dog the love and environment he requires, please consider giving him a chance so that he can go on the long walks that he loves and explore nature, which is his favourite things to do. He would absolutely relish being someone's special friend and of all of the dogs we have in our care, nobody shows more enthusiasm for the people they loves than our little iPad (as we affectionately call him). We know that he will bring someone much happiness, he just needs to be understood
If you would like to know more about Paddy or visit him, please get in touch via the application form online.

Reference:LU 265

Age (approx):3-7 years
Estimated Age:5 years 3 monthsWeight:16kg

Happy with:

Other Dogs in the Home:some
Other Dogs Outside:most

UK Vet Checked:Yes
Micro chipped:Yes


All about me

What am I like?

Clever Cookie
I am very bright and love working things out

I will work for treats and enjoy tucking into my meals

Cuddle Monster
I am very affectionate and love a fuss

I am good in the car and travel well

Experienced home
I have been through a lot and need a home who has dog experience and wants to offer a home to a real Underdog

My Skills

Basic training
I have been practicing my basic training skills

Lead manners
I have great lead manners once I get on with my walk

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