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Only families have who been homechecked AND who have an appointment with the kennel team within the following 2 weeks to view a dog will have priority viewing on their first choice. 


My name is:


LOCATION: Waltham Abbey, Essex

Norris is a big teddy bear and also a big baby. He has the most adorable nature. Although he appears to be happy go lucky most of the time, he has a sensitive nature and needs to be treated with gloves,He also needs someone who will be intuitive and understanding of his beody language. He has NO tail. none whatsoever and you can't see his eyes very well at times so it has to be a family who are very familiar with dogs.
He is young, immature at times, but has a bright future ahead with the right guidance. He is super enthusiastic about everything he does and great fun!
He is looking for an affectionate family, who want to cuddle their dog and give them lots of fuss as this seems to be what Norris lives for! .. oh and his walks..
Anyone interested in offering this gorgeous boy a home must be up for a decent amount of exercise.
We are still getting to know Norris but so far he is a lovely lad needing an experienced home to guide him as he is still a big baby despite his age, which we estimate at 2 to 3 years old.
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Reference:LU 1002

Age (approx):3-7 years
Estimated Age:3 years 1 month

Happy with:

Other Dogs in the Home:most
Other Dogs Outside:yes
Children:12+ years old

UK Vet Checked:Yes
Micro chipped:Yes


All about me

What am I like?

Social butterfly
I am a charmer and will want fuss from most people even strangers

I will work for treats and enjoy tucking into my meals

Cuddle Monster
I am very affectionate and love a fuss

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