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My name is:

Master Yoda

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Master Yoda is an incredibly sweet boy, with a very endearing nature. We called him Master Yoda because of his ears, but really he is nothing like a wise old man. He is one of life's innocents, who believes every dog wants to be his friend and therefore can be a bit socially clumsy when it comes to canine friends. That said, he never takes offence if he gets told off for having stepped on anyone's toes inadvertently. He says sorry and moves on, he is just a sweet natured boy. He is generally quite a confident character but if something worries him, he does get on with things and tries to be brave. He walks a little funny, so we had him checked out by our orthopaedic surgeon, but there is nothing wrong with him, it's simply the way he was made which gives him a different gate. It's part of his charm.
Yoda does really love his walks and his time out playing with other dogs in the paddock, anything that makes life a little more interesting. He will make friends wherever he goes and will be a much loved character we are certain of it. Yoda is a dog who will be very good for anyone's social life as he will get people stopping to fuss him on his walks, and with his wonderful looks he is definitely a conversation starter!
Master Yoda is a dog you can't help but love and everywhere he goes, he makes everyone smile. He is a charming character, who will be happy with a cosy home, a loving family and interesting walks. We look forward to our wonderful Yoda finding his well deserved family.
If you think Yoda might be the one for you, please contact us via an enquiry form.

Name:Master Yoda
Reference:LU 999

Age (approx):1-2 years
Estimated Age:2 years 1 monthWeight:20kg

Happy with:

Other Dogs in the Home:some
Other Dogs Outside:most
Children:12+ years old

UK Vet Checked:Yes
Micro chipped:Yes


All about me

What am I like?

Social butterfly
I am a charmer and will want fuss from most people even strangers

Cuddle Monster
I am very affectionate and love a fuss

My Skills

Lead manners
I have great lead manners once I get on with my walk

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