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You may not see the right dog for you on the selection below, but by all means do send us an application, as we always have other dogs coming in, and very often, not all our dogs feature on the website.

Only families have who been homechecked AND who have an appointment with the kennel team within the following 2 weeks to view a dog will have priority viewing on their first choice. 


My name is:


Note: Our puppies cannot be rehomed in flats or apartments unless it is on the ground floor with direct access to it's own secure garden.
Bravo is a great boy with a sunny personality. He's always in a good mood and his cheeky nature brings a smile to everyone's face when he walks in! Bravo has already matured in the time he has been with us. We have seen him relax about things, and the routine suits him. He loves going out to the forest and fields on the pack walks and has been great off lead. He is a quick learner. He is also a very gregarious dog who will have fun with everyone. He can be a little anxious of strangers who at first but soon becomes their best friends.
Bravo has never lived in a home and his family will need to teach him about all things domestic. He is a bright boy though, so we are sure that he will learn things quickly.
Families should not underestimate the work involved in helping a puppy develop into a well-adjusted adult. Puppies need families who are prepared to invest in their development through continued training and to meet all their physical and emotional needs.
Bravo is a very intelligent boy who has a lot of energy so will need an active home who want to go on long walks.
If you are interested in offering Bravo a home, please get in touch via our application form online.

Reference:LU 968

Age (approx):1-2 years
Estimated Age:1 year 0 month

Happy with:

Other Dogs in the Home:most
Other Dogs Outside:yes
Children:12+ years old

UK Vet Checked:Yes
Micro chipped:Yes


All about me

What am I like?

Social butterfly
I am a charmer and will want fuss from most people even strangers

Clever Cookie
I am very bright and love working things out

I will work for treats and enjoy tucking into my meals

Cuddle Monster
I am very affectionate and love a fuss

Loves toys
I am very much into my toys and love a good game

Fitness fan
I love my exercise and need an active home

My Skills

Basic training
I have been practicing my basic training skills

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