Adoption FAQ's...


How do I apply to adopt an Underdog?

You can apply to adopt a dog by filling an Enquiry Form online.

How much is the adoption donation?

The adoption donation is £250 for each dog.

Do you rehome to families with children?

Yes we do, on a case by case basis, although children must be minimum 10 years old. Not every dog is suitable to live with children but we have rehomed many dogs with families with children. The team will of course advise on the matter.

Do you rehome to older people?

Yes we do, we always match the dog with the person but age is not the defining factor for rehoming our dogs. We have a lot of older dogs who are looking for nothing more than a quiet place on your sofa and would suit an older person with less mobility.

Do you rehome to full time workers?

Yes we do providing arrangements have been made to ensure the dog(s) are not left on their own for any great length of time.

Do we have to have a home check?

Yes all our adoptive families need to have a home check.

What is the home check about?

The home check is an opportunity for us to ensure that your home and family life is suitable for the dog you wish to adopt. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have prior to adopting an underdog. Our aim is to have happy dogs and happy families, it is therefore a great way to get to know one another much better and ensuring a good match.

We live a long way from the Love Underdogs kennels, can we adopt?

Yes you can. We can home check all over the country through a network of volunteers. We even have a dog as far as the Isle of Orkney. However you must be able to come and collect the dog from our kennels.

I live abroad, can I adopt an Underdog?

Sorry we only rehome our dogs within the UK. We do not rehome abroad, including Ireland.

Do we have to come to the kennels to adopt the dog of my choice?

Yes you do. We haven’t got the resources to send dogs directly to their new homes. Adopting a dog is a big commitment and coming to meet/collect your dog is important. Like in any good love story, chemistry has a role to play and you and your new family member need to be a good match.

What support is offered after I have adopted my dog?

Love Underdogs feel it is important to offer our adopting families support should this be required. We promote responsible rescue and rehoming which includes rescue back up for life and we are always on the other end of the phone should you need advice, support or any other help to ensure everyone is happy and enjoying life together. Our dog adoption pack also includes a very comprehensive training and behaviour guide, which you can refer to, to help you develop a strong and positive relationship with your dog. We can also put you in touch with a very experienced behaviourist who has worked with many of our dogs​. We prefer that families contact us when there are issues so that we can offer the right support.

Do you offer rescue backup for life?

Yes we do. Should circumstances change for you and you are no longer able to keep your dog we will take him/her back to our facilities and rehome them for you. It is part of the contract you sign with us and the dog has to come back to Love Underdogs unless otherwise agreed by ourselves in writing.

About our dogs

What breed are the dogs?

Most of our dogs are cross breeds with much variety in their DNA’s. In so many ways it is a good thing. They are the result of generations of dogs who have survived in difficult conditions and therefore in great health generally speaking.

Do we have any background on the dogs?

For a lot of our dogs we have very little background. They have for the most part been found abandoned or wandering the streets, malnourished, injured or have been rescued from the municipal pound or kill shelters. We will however give you as much information as we have and photos of the rescue and conditions when we have them.

Are the dogs house trained?

As a general rule, our dogs are not house trained and will require some help.
A lot of them however get the hang of it very quickly despite having often never even been inside a home.

Do the dogs coming from abroad have to go through quarantine first?

There is no quarantine in the UK anymore since January 2012. The requirements are however that all dogs are vaccinated for rabies 21 days prior entering the UK. They must be microchipped, they must have a valid European passport and have been wormed 24 hours prior to entry to the UK.

When adopting my dog, what health report do I get?

All our dogs have been given a health check by a vet in the UK before going to their new homes. Some dogs, who have been with us a while or who have had medical interventions have a file with our own vets which will be transferred to your vet within a month of your adoption. Dogs with orthopaedic issues or with old injuries have a set of Xrays and any surgery will have been performed if advised by our vet, prior to adoption.

Are the dogs vaccinated and neutered?

All our dogs are neutered and their vaccines up to date.