The Project in Romania...

Love Underdogs partners with one organisation only in Romania, AMP who are also linked to BMT in Germany and the Brigitte Bardot Foundation in France. Together and since 2013, we are working on a pilot project in the area of Brasov aimed at demonstrating that stray dog management, even in a country like Romania with a huge problem, does not have to resort to cruel culls and can be dealt with humanely.

Solving the problem of stray dogs in a country like Romania, requires a holistic approach to the situation, looking at all sides of what is really a socio-political issue. Love Underdogs and AMP took a very important step in this direction in March 2013, by offering support to the local pound in the spirit of collaboration, by focusing on the common grounds between welfare organisations and local authorities. AMP, with our support, now have three employees full time at the pound, who ensure the welfare of the dogs and work very hard on local adoptions. In a place where 36,000 dogs had been killed in 10 years, not a single healthy dog has been euthanised since the collaboration started. A little vet room was opened on site and the accommodations have been much improved with the support of the Mayor of Brasov. Dogs are getting fed and watered appropriately, vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and segregated in groups that work. The Brasov pound is now an example of how one of the most notoriously cruel public pounds of Romania can be turned into a decent shelter in the true sense of the word.

Additionally, our group of NGOs invests heavily in ongoing neutering, which has made a huge difference over the years. In 2014, AMP did a survey and estimated the total population of stray dogs in the Brasov area to be around 250 to 300, a far cry from the many thousands it used to be.

Since January 2015, we have been co-sponsoring an education program to teach children about compassion and animal welfare. We feel strongly that this is an important component of the work.

At the shelter, we offer support through funds for vaccinations, medical care and of course general improvements. Every year we get involved in a new project at the shelter and fundraise to improve the care of the dogs awaiting their turn to be adopted. The overall program consists of ongoing neutering, microchipping and identification, collaboration with the local pound and the dog catchers, education, local adoptions and international adoptions to keep the program on track and give a chance for dogs who will not be adopted in Romania. The hope in Romania is that once a blueprint is in place for a system which works, others will follow and see that it is possible to turn things around even in the face of such adversity.

Both in the UK and in Romania we are keen to raise the standards for dogs in rescue by way of better care, better accommodation, strong adoption ethics and post adoption support.
But all of this is only possible with your support.