Our Little Philosophy...

Since our adventure with the dogs started, we have been asked many times what makes Romanian dogs worthy of saving, when so many British dogs are abandoned every year.

Indeed why dogs, when children need help? Why animals, when hospitals are struggling? Why one species over another?

In truth, there is no good answer. Many of our team, amazing volunteers and generous donors believe many causes are worthy, and donate, help or volunteer for other organizations. Children do need food and love, hospitals do need funds, dogs and cats here and abroad need help and pain and suffering must be alleviated wherever possible. We all have different sensibilities and different things make us sad or tug at us until we feel compelled to act. That is what gives us hope that we can change the world, it is one of the singular wonders of the human spirit. Let us never change the fact that we are different, but let us all help where we think we should or can.

Here we like to think of the world as a large garden that needs tending to.

There are vegetable patches, roses, tulips, long grasses, meadows, hedges and trees of all kinds. Everyone has a favourite spot, where they feel at one with the garden. We have ours and share the care of it with many people. Once in a while, we look up from our work, and take a long walk to visit other parts of the garden and appreciate the hard work and care that has gone into making them more beautiful.

These visits into other causes are full of tears, joy and gratitude for what other people accomplish, for the love they give and the heartbreak they suffer in order to bring their flowers to bloom. If we can, we will happily share tools and water because the tranquility of our humble spot, the beauty of our growing plants, can only be enhanced by the rest of the garden. Let us all be gardeners together and battle the elements, the destructive diseases and draughts. Let the good that can be done come to fruition in whatever shape or form. We have good will and compassion in common and that is far stronger than anything that might separate us.

Take a walk, see where your heart leads you, be it a child, a stray, a family member, and know that it all counts.

For everyone at Love Underdogs, every compassionate act is celebrated as a victory; every step in the right direction, a joyful journey; every human kindness, a thank you letter. If you feel that your family can give a forever home for a soul in need of love, it does not matter to us where you chose to adopt from as long as you adopt.

Much love to all from Love Underdogs.